Car Shampoo: Explained

Car Shampoo: Explained

The most basic item you need when washing your car is a suitable shampoo. With so much choices available, which type of shampoo would be the best option for you?

Before this, many detailers would advise that after you wax or ceramic coat your car, you do not need to use shampoo to wash the car anymore. This is the worst advise they can give and honestly, as professionals, they should be ashamed of themselves! A shampoo not only helps to remove dirt, oil and road grime off the paintwork easily, it also adds as a lubricant when you wash the car to minimize swirl marks and scratches. Imagine you have a small piece of nasty stone grit on the paintwork. With the added lubrication of a shampoo, chances of causing ugly swirl marks is highly reduced compared to just washing with water. So if your detailer tell you no need use shampoo, just use water to wash your car can liao, I advise you to stay far far away from them and take your business elsewhere.

What type of car shampoo should you buy then? Let’s go through the Sonax range of shampoo.

Sonax Gloss Shampoo 1L: Our most value for money car shampoo. The gloss shampoo is meant for those that love to wash their car often like 1-2 times weekly. The gloss shampoo has good cleaning powers and adds a nice after-wash shine. Best to use in a manual hand wash. Add 2 caps to pail of water. Gives a pleasant citrus smell. pH7 and is safe to use on waxed or ceramic coated cars.

Sonax Xtreme Rich Foam Shampoo 1L: A high foaming shampoo when used with a manual foam sprayer or a foam cannon covering the car in a blanket of thick foam. Good cleaning powers and smells like bubblegum and cherries. Can be used manually in a pail as well. pH7 and is safe to use on waxed or ceramic coated cars.

Sonax Wash & Wax 500ml: The shampoo for the no frills owner. Feeling lazy and no time to wax the car? The Wash & Wax is your best option. Contains real carnuaba wax to leave a glossy, freshly waxed shine in 1 simple step. Perfect shampoo to boost protection and maintain that freshly waxed look. Suitable for cars that has no protection or just newly waxed. Not advisable to use on ceramic coated cars.

Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Shampoo 500ml: The perfect shampoo for your ceramic coated car. Using ceramic Sio2 infused ingredients to enhance the durability and restore the water-beading properties of your ceramic coating. Leaves a smooth and glossy paintwork. Works equally well on non ceramic coated cars to give a quick boost of water-beading effect, smoothness and gloss in 1 simple step. Each wash with the ceramic shampoo would give a durability of 2 months of ceramic goodness.

Sonax Profiline Active Foam Shampoo 1L: The ultimate shampoo for professional detailers, enthusiasts and prosumers. A high foaming shampoo when used with a manual foam sprayer or a foam cannon covering the car in a blanket of thick foam. Can be used manually in a pail as well. Suitable as a pre-wash prior to hand washing and as a wheel cleaner. Active cleaning formula works well against stubborn dirt, bird poo and insect residues. Perfect for any gloss, satin or matte finish wrapped cars. Gives a pleasant citrus smell. pH7 and is safe to use on waxed and ceramic coated cars.

There you go, these are our assortment of car shampoo. We are sure you can find 1 that can suit your needs and budget. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.

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