HDB Car Washing: Interior Care Part

HDB Car Washing: Interior Care Part

This is the last of how I normally wash my car. I leave the interior to the last. Its also the fastest section to complete.

I’ll wipe down all the door sills area and metal painted parts of the door using the Xtreme Ultra Slick Detailer. Thereafter, I’ll start with cleaning the floor mats. Talking about floor mats, there are several brands that most peeps like to buy to replace the OEM ones. Most of them work great but the only type I would advise NOT buying is those "noodle" type mats. These are the ones that are normally given to you to put on top of the original ones when you buy a new car. "Noodle" mats work well in trapping all the stuff that drops into it, but what goes in, seldom comes out completely. You can try to shake the crap out of the mats, but half of it is gonna stay stuck permanently in there. Imagine all the nose shi*t, food bits and whatever your shoe picks up stuck in there for a long long time, turn bad and start emitting funny smell without you realizing. Brands like Step Armour and Trapo generally receive good reviews and tend to work well. I always use the 3D Maxpider if its available for my car model. Even though they are a little on the ex-side, they lasts for donkey years, feels so good when step on, looks great and most importantly, works very well and freaking easy to clean out. To clean my floor mats, I would of course remove them from the car, spray a couple of times with the Sonax Xtreme Interior Detailer (honestly a must have) and brush it down using Sonax Special Brush.

The Sonax Xtreme Interior Detailer can be used on all surfaces of the car's interior. This includes all plastic parts and leather seats. Cleans very well, removes odor and is super easy to use. All you need to do is to spray on a clean microfiber cloth and start wiping. No need to do a second wipe to remove any left over residue as it dries up nicely by itself without streaks.


Sonax Xtreme Interior Detailer, one of the die die must-have product

The Special Brush which is meant for removing pet fur is great for removing hair as well. I always find strands of hair of my wife and daughter (heng not mistress) stuck in the mats and the rubber bristles of the special brush makes it easy to remove.

After cleaning the floor mats, I would do a quick vacuum if its necessary. I use a battery operated portable mini vacuum cleaner from Worx. This is one of the better battery operated vacuum cleaner I've used. Beats all those 12v socket types as well.

Lastly, I do a quick wipe down of the whole interior with the Xtreme Interior Detailer. Couple of sprays on a clean soft microfiber cloth and start wiping, easy peasy. I normally start with the dashboard, then door panels and finally the leather seats. Change to a clean microfiber cloth if it gets too dirty. And we are finally done!

And there you go, this is how I wash and clean my car. It normally takes me about 1.5 hrs to complete the whole process starting from the wet washing to the interior cleaning.

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