HDB Car Washing: The Dry Part

HDB Car Washing: The Dry Part

On the last blog, I stopped at using water to dry the car. Let’s move on to how I normally dry the car.

I normally move the car to the upper levels of the MSCP to do the drying. This allows other drivers to use the wash bay. You also get to use a much bigger place to slowly sayang the car. Don’t we all hate it when you are waiting to use the wash bay and the bugger is slowly drying and caressing his car. So next time, after washing, keep your barang barang and move the car to somewhere else to dry so that the next driver can use the wash bay.

First thing I do when drying the car is to blow away most of the stagnant water using a battery operated blower. I target areas like wheels, front grille, door handles, side mirrors, door jams, areas where water tend to get stuck in. I use a Worx Battery Blower that I got from my good buddy who is the authorized seller for Worx products in Singapore.

Blowing off Stagnant Water with the WORX Blower

Right after, the car would be 80-90% dry with just droplets of water splattered around. I would proceed to dry using the the big-ass Sonax Microfiber Drying Cloth and my new fave product Sonax Xtreme Ultra Slick Detailer as a drying aid and paint booster. A drying aid is a product you apply on the paint when drying to add lubrication to reduce causing swirls and scratches when wiping. Do note that you can only use a drying aid when drying with a microfiber towel, not with a chamois. Most drying aid contains some form of protection as well, best of both worlds then. Sonax Xtreme Ultra Slick Detailer is perfect for this as its non streaking, fast drying, leaves a song song slick feel and provides super water-beading effect. If you have a ceramic coating, it will boost up the effects of the coating as well.

Xtreme Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer: Great for Matte or Satin Wraps/Paintwork

I would spray the Sonax Xtreme Ultra Slick Detailer on one side of the microfiber drying towel (folded in 4), gently wipe over the car, then flip the drying towel to the dry and also gently buff off to leave a swee swee surface. Repeat this for the whole car and I even do this for the windscreen, glasses, basically the exterior of the whole car. Best is have 2-3 drying towels so that when 1 gets too wet, you can swap out for a clean dry one.

After the car body is done, the wheels are next. Using the same method but with separate smaller microfiber cloths, I will go through the rims. Try not to mix your car body microfiber cloth with the ones you use on the wheels.

To finish off, I dress the tyres with Sonax Xtreme Tyre Conditioner. I prefer a dressing that is not too shiny and this leaves a nice satin finish. The great thing is its one of the more durable tyre conditioner I’ve used. After a few rain cycles, its still quite noticeable and showing well.

Just the right amount of Shine from the Xtreme Tyre Conditioner

Mission accomplished for the exterior drying! The next blog, I will be writing about how I clean up the interior of the car. Until then,…..

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