Sonax Detailing Academy 12th-13th August 2021

Sonax Detailing Academy 12th-13th August 2021

Finally, after a long forced break due to the heightened alerts, we managed to get the Sonax Detailing Academy going. The Sonax Detailing Academy is a professional detailing class where you learn the important basics of how to successfully detail a car properly. The class is spread over 2 days and is normally held on a Thursday and Friday.

Sonax Detailing Academy is held at our training center located in Autobahn Motors. Autobahn Motors is world renowned for their car vending machine showroom which won several design awards. We are very grateful and honoured that ABM (Autobahn Motors) allow us to use their premises for training and event purposes. 

Sonax Training Center is located on the 3rd floor of ABM Building. It is fully airconditioned center with a working bay fit for 2 cars. 

Our class was held from the 12th to 13th August 2021. Time is from 10am to 5pm for both days. As usual, we have a maximum number of 8 pax to ensure that everyone have ample time to practice on the cars. Each pax is given their own set of tools and chemicals to use. The weapon of choice that we use is proudly from Rupes, one of the industry finest when it comes to machine polishing tool.

Before the class starts, we welcomed our 2 brave volunteer cars. We have an orange Toyota Sienta from the Singapore Toyota Sienta Club and a black VW Golf Mk6 from Euro Car Club Singapore. Both cars being daily driven, are filled with swirl marks, scratches, water marks with the VW Golf in a far far worse condition. It's actually one of the worst volunteer car we got. Hey, this is the only time when we reward car owners who don't really take car of their car.

And for this class, I had one of my ex-student, Kin who is now working successfully as a mobile detailer to help me out.

For the first time ever after so many classes, we have a lady that joined us. There is something so cool about ladies polishing know what I mean. On the 1st day, the class goes through a quick 15 mins introduction to Sonax. That's about all the theory we have. We believe more in hands-on then listening to us talk.

We proceed to the wash bay on level 1 for all the necessary wet works. First up was the VW. As usual, we start with detailing the engine bay first. The class was taught how to cover sensitive components in the engine bay before proceeding to wash with the engine cleaner. Thereafter, we rinse down the engine bay and condition the plastic parts. We then move on to the wheels, starting with using the Wheel Beast to remove stubborn contaminants before giving them a good scrub and rinsing down properly. After the wheels, we proceed to do a chemical decontamination with fallout remover and all purpose cleaner. The class were taught the finer details of cleaning badges, grills, edges and fuel lids using soft detailing brushes. Finally, a 2 bucket hand wash was performed to complete the exterior wet-works. The class repeated the whole process all by themselves on the Toyota. Of course, we were always on hand to guide and supervise. By the time the wet-works were done on the 2 cars, it was time to break for lunch at about 1pm. Lunch and refreshments are included when you join the class.


Right after an awesome lunch of curry chicken cutlet rice, the cars were already shifted into the 3rd level training center through the uber-cool car lifts. The class proceeded with the various forms of claying process to prep the cars properly for paint correction. 

After the cars were clayed, it's time for interior detailing. The class were taught how to clean tight spots and ac vents, leather and plastics deep cleaning and conditioning. As the Toyota interior seats are made of fabric, we also taught how to clean fabric seats properly, especially those with water stains. The cars were also given the Sonax AC treatment at the end of the interior detailing process. The whole interior process takes the class about 1.5hrs and we finished at about 4pm, leaving us with about 1hr to start the theory and basics of machine polishing.

Before we end the 1st day, we started with the basics of paint correction. We shared information about paint structures, types of defects, paint thickness and how to use a paint thickness gauge. We also touched on the 3 main types of machine polishers, types of polishing pads and polishing compounds. The class will be primarily using the Rupes LHR15 Mk3 throughout the paint correction process as it is one of the safest and yet efficient polisher a beginner can start using. We would go through the polishing techniques like arm speed, how to hold the polisher, number of polishing passes, pad rotation etc. with each individual student, making sure that each one is comfortable with the polisher before we begin the full paint correction process on the 2 cars on the 2nd day.
Finally, we end a fruitful 1st day at about 5pm.

Day 2 begins:
On the dot at 10am, we went through a final 1 on 1 polishing cycle with each student on the demo hood. When we are sure that all of them are confident with the Rupes LHR15 Mk3 polisher, we unleashed them onto the cars for a proper paint correction process. First up was the Toyota Sienta. It was covered in typical swirl marks from car wash and other than a loss of gloss, the paintwork is generally in an ok condition. We did a test spot on a section of the hood and found that all it requires is a 1 step paint correction process. Using a mix of Rupes finishing foam pad and Sonax finishing foam pad paired with one of the best finishing polish: Sonax Perfect Finish, the class proceeded to polish the Toyota Sienta. The paint correction process was completed in about 1.5 hrs for the Toyota. That sounds crazy fast, but we have 8 polishers working on the car at the same time. We inspected the paintwork and the class were amazed by what they had achieved with just 1 single step of polishing and with little to no experience.

Right after finishing the Toyota, we break for lunch. Lunch today was yummy delicious Ayam Penyat. Thank you Grabfood and Food Panda.

After lunch with no time to lose, we straight went onto attacking the VW Golf. The VW honestly had one of the worse paint condition we had seen. It was filled with deep to light scratches, heavily etched water spots and plenty of swirl marks. As always, a test section on the hood was performed and as expected, it needed a 2 step paint correction process. For the heavy cutting, the class used the Rupes Cutting Wool Pad paired with Sonax Cut Max to get the most aggressive cut to remove all the heavy paint defects. For the finishing step, the class used a mix of Rupes finishing foam pad and Sonax finishing foam pad paired with Rupes UNO Protect All in One Polish and Sealant to remove the minor swirls caused by the cutting process and to improve the gloss. The Rupes UNO Protect will seal the paintwork for 3 months and makes the paintwork super slick to touch. The transformation of the VW Golf as nothing short of amazing. Some of the lads in the class were busy taking mirror shots after they finish and posting in their Instagram. The VW took us a good 2.5 hrs to complete.

Finally, we finally came to the last stage of the class: Installing a Ceramic Coating. We discussed and explained what are ceramic coatings and all the pros and cons of installing one. We also talked about what we are our thoughts on PPF, including all the pros and cons. The Toyota Sienta is to be coated with the Sonax CCONE Hybrid Ceramic Coating. We demoed a small section of how to apply CCONE including using IPA before application. Curing time, risks of high spots and after care were explained to the class. The class were then split into pairs and proceeded to install CCONE on the Toyota. In ultra quick time, the Toyota is fully installed with Sonax CCONE. And with that, we came to the end of the 2 days class.

Before we end, each student was given their official Sonax Basic Detailing Certificate and a group picture was taken.

Both cars were then moved to level 1 awaiting the collection from their owners. You can imagine the delight of the owners when they came to collect their car. The owner of the Toyota Sienta was so happy that he made an awesome video for us as well. 

Well, that is it. A too long blog of the Sonax Detailing Academy. If you are keen to join us in the next class, please reach out to us here and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.


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    Do you have training centres in SA. I have been in the industry for 30years and have established a number of detailing centres

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    May I know when is your next class available?
    Is there any advance classes?

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    Can i know when is the next available dates for the course?

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    Hello there i wish to send my staff for your Professional Detailing Course . Can i know when are the available dates ? Thank you

  • Nicholas Yeo

    Hi, can I volunteer my white Subaru Forester (SJ model, facelift model) for the next upcoming class? Cheers and looking forward to your favourable reply. I can leave my car with u guys for 2 days. 😄

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