That SONAX Guy

Well, where do we start.....
People know me as that guy from Sonax or that Sonax guy or yandao eh. That guy you normally see or hear on Sonax Facebook. Allow me to introduce me self. My name is Davin and I've been working for Sonax Singapore for the past 13 years and hopefully a few more to come....
(one of the stupid picture from Facebook LIVE)

Sonax is actually distributed by our company Universal Consultants P/L, a local SME. I've been working with Universal Consultants P/L just when they started distributing Sonax in Singapore. Started as a salesman, now is still a salesman and also the marketing guy and the product specialist and the trainer and in short, the everything also do man aka bao kah liao. Freaking hell, we even unload containers when the shipment arrives. Not that I'm complaining when its kinda enjoyable, you get the credits when things are rosy and of course the blame when sh*t hits the hole.

Things start to get interesting for me in 2017 when I was invited to Sonax HQ in Germany to be the first intake of Sonax Master Trainer and Detailer. The lads in HQ knew I was doing detailing for awhile on the side and hence the invite. Your man here was the only guy invited from Asia! Flying our country's flag proudly. Of course, I aced the tests and officially became Sonax first Master Trainer in Asia.

(Acing the training on a Ferrari 355 with Richard, Sonax Product Development in the background. SONAX has one of the nicest training center and building)

(Oooh Yeah, 1st Master Trainer in Asia)

Then a year later, I officially became appointed as Sonax Regional Technical Trainer and was given the chance to train our partners and distributors around this region. I was travelling to countries in Asia to provide training to our network of partners and distributors and having great fun as well.

(One of my highlight, meeting da man Jason Rose, director of training RUPES USA, when in Jakarta for training.)

(Another highlight, Renny Doyle, Founder and Official Detailer of Air Force one. Yup, he details the President’s plane.)

Then bloody COVID hit and all these had to stop for the time being. Now here I am, trying to shamelessly start a blog and sincerely hope you guys enjoy the contents to come.

Wash your car & Stay safe!

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