SONAX PROFILINE Hybrid Wool Pad for DA 143mm


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SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad 143 DA is an effective abrasive pad for orbital polishing machines and is designed to remove deep scratches and matting. SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad 143 DA reduces your polishing time and keeps the polishing temperature low.

We know that having the right polishing pad for job that you need is important. That’s why we are happy to bring you the SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad 143 DA polishing pad. SONAX Hybrid Wool Pad 143 DA is a dual-action heavy cut polishing pad designed to fit machines with 125-mm backing plates and is an innovative mixture of natural lambswool and polyester. Recommended to be used with SONAX Profiline ExCut.

Directions for Use:
Place the pad on the backing plate and apply as many small drops of polish as possible.
Start with the lowest setting on the polisher as possible and work your way up to a comfortable speed.
Clean the pad by blowing out with compressed air.
If required, wash the pad with water and SONAX MultiStar