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Ever wondered how to detail like a professional? The SONAX Detailing Academy is a 2 day professional detailing class that is held in our fully air-conditioned training center. It is conducted by a certified SONAX regional Master Trainer and Detailer. The class covers:

  1. Engine bay detailing
  2. Exterior paintwork decontamination 
  3. Wheels decontamination
  4. Interior detailing
  5. Paint correction with machine 
  6. Sealants and waxes
  7. Ceramic coating installation 

The class is fully hands on and each participant will get their own set of tools and chemicals to work on cars guided by a trainer. Each participant will be given an official SONAX certificate at the end of the class. Lunch and refreshments are included in the class. 

Here is more information of the class. 

If you are keen to join us for the next class or find out more information like the class dates, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome class...
You get plenty of tips and knowledge about detailing. Their teaching structure are very systematic of which you can easily understand and absorb!

Thank you davin,kin and faria

Enjoyable experience

Davin and Kin are professionals that taught all the necessary skills and tips on how to detail cars.

They were very fun and engaging and throughout the course was fun and enjoyable.

Two thumbs up!

Marcus Teo
Into the life of a professional detailer

2 thumbs up! Enrolled into the course without any experience in the detailing industry. I would say it was a very awesome course, enabling me to learn everything hands on step by step. Isn’t too fast paced and i also gained alot from this course. Mr Davin and Mr Kin are great teachers in this field. Couldn’t ask for better.

Now i know how tough it is being a detailer. It’s paying the professionals for their time and years of experience that gets the job done.

Nico Wu
In good hands

Fantastic class, structured in a great way. Learnt alot. Thank you Mr Davin & Mr Kin for conducting this class!


Coruse was fun and enjoyable. Learn a lot from Davin and kin.