Sonax Profiline Air Conditioner Cleaner 400ml


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For professional cleaning of air conditioning systems. Professional product for multiple use with sprayer. Cleans the air conditioning system, eliminating unpleasant odors. Highly effectively, since direct treatment of the evaporator. With symbiotic ingredients, biocide-free.

In air conditioners, condensation is created on the evaporator when cooling, which can lead to odour problems. Profiline air conditioning cleaner has been developed for workshops or skilled consumers and is sprayed directly on or near the evaporator with a long probe where it can be concentrated. The success rate of such cleaning is exceptionally high and yet can be done with little effort.

Package includes:
1x Sonax Profiline Air Conditioner Cleaner 400ml

Directions to use:
1. Gain access and remove cabin filter. This is either located in the vehicle interior under the dashboard or is installed in the upper part of the engine compartment. You may find how to reach it from the assembly instructions which usually comes with the cabin filter. The filter may also be located under the glove compartment. Note: Cleaning the air conditioner should always be accompanied with a change of the interior filter.
2. To reach the evaporator, the cabin filter must be removed. To do this, remove the cover of the filter housing, then remove the filter. Please note the air flow direction (air flow), then you know where the evaporator of the air conditioner is located. The dirty side is always outside! The evaporator is therefore located in the direction of the clean side.
2. Insert the probe: Insert the probe in the direction of the evaporator and then place it on the spray can.
3. Perform cleaning: Profiline air conditioning cleaner for approx. 20-30 seconds continuously. Carefully move the probe back and forth so that the evaporator is treated with the cleaner as large as possible.
4. Wait a few minutes and then repeat the application.
5. Pull back probe completely at the end. Under the vehicle, excess product can drip out of the water drain of the air conditioner.
6. Assembly: Renew and reinstall cabin air filter if required. Install covers. The vehicle can be used as normal immediately. Annual use is recommended.