SONAX PROFILINE ExCut 05-05 1 Step Polish 250ml


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SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 is for those tough, deep scratches that hand polishing or mild abrasives can’t remove. SONAX Profiline ExCut 05-05 will tackle any job, big or small, to ensure that your heavily swirled and scratched paint will be restored to its once lustrous shine!

Removing deep scratches caused by natural, or unnatural, contaminants is a burden that is sometimes too much for mild abrasives to bear. That’s why SONAX has developed ExCut 05-05! SONAX ExCut 05-05 will effortlessly remove corrosion and tough swirls and scratches on your vehicle, with the help of a machine polisher!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • silicone free and safe for paint shops
  • specially developed for DA polishers
  • produces high gloss results
  • easily removes heavy, medium to minor swirl marks and scratches
  • zero to low dusting
  • no unpleasant odor
  • highly effective and economical
  • best as a 1 step polish