SONAX Xtreme Ceramic Spray Coating + Slick Detailer *SALE*


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SONAX XTREME Ceramic Spray Coating 750ml

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Long term sealing with Si-Carbon-Technology
  • Protects the paint for up to 4 months
  • The Si-Carbon-Technology provides a velvety soft slicky surface
  • The paint shines in a durable and mirror-like shine without extensive polishing
  • Protects the treated surface from dirt, insects and road salt
  • Leaves a permanent water beading effect
  • With easy-to-clean effect: vehicle washing is simplified

SONAX XTREME Ceramic Ultra Slick Detailer 750ml

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Simple and super fast to use
  • Refreshes existing ceramic coatings
  • Ensures extreme smoothness of the paint in no time at all and lets it shine in a mirror-like high gloss
  • Slight superficial soiling such as dust, fingerprints, etc. can be removed quickly and without streaking
  • Leaves a water beading effect
  • Suitable for all completely or partially wrapped vehicles and surfaces