SONAX XTREME Protect + Shine Hybrid Sealant 210ml


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SONAX XTREME Protect + Shine Hybrid Sealant is a wax free high gloss sealant for all new and as new paintwork, and for pre-polished paintwork. SONAX XTREME Protect+Shine covers the paintwork with an extremely stable and glossy protective coating (SONAX Hybrid Net Protection Technology), which provides long lasting protection of 6 months, intensive rejuvenation of colours and an outstanding lotus effect. It reduces adhesion of dust and dirt, and the shine is automatically restored after every wash. Sufficient for 3 – 4 straightforward, incredibly fast and easy applications.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • intensive colour rejuvenation and gloss
  • superb water beading properties
  • UV protection
  • chemical resistance against environmental damage
  • 6 months durability
  • can use on unpainted plastics as a sealant