SONAX XTREME Spray Polish 320ml


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SONAX XTREME Spray Polish is a foam polish that is extremely easy and quick to apply: Spray on – polish – wipe off – that’s all! Another strong point: its versatile and multi-functional applicability. On painted surfaces (metal or plastic) its active cleaning foam formula and highly effective polishing elements combination removes even stubborn dirt residues (e.g. insect dirt).  Fine scratches from the automatic car wash, fingernails and other common signs of usage are removed, dull colours are rejuvenated, a brilliant high gloss emerges. Plastic and glass headlights are cleaned thoroughly, fine scratches and dull spots disappear. On unpainted metal parts (e.g. chrome, aluminium), the polish removes corrosion, tarnished spots and finer scratches. After the treatment with  SONAX XTREME Spray Polish, the vehicle is now ideally prepared for a subsequent paintwork sealant (e.g. with SONAX XTREME Protect+Shine).