SONAX XTREME Wheel Coating 250ml


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With innovative Hybrid NetProtection Technology for lasting rim protection. Reduces re-soiling. Has a dirt, water and salt-repellent effect. For all light-alloy, steel, chrome-plated, and polished wheel rims. Produces a mirror shine on rims. The ultra-thin hybrid sealing produces a long-lasting protective silicate layer that forms a weather-proof network with organic components. This significantly simplifies and alleviates the wheel cleaning. Stubborn dirt such as brake dust can be removed without much effort. Simultaneously the sealant gives the wheel rims a long lasting brilliant high gloss. The effective water-repellent effect lasts for 3-4 months. Not suitable for matte rims.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • intensive colour rejuvenation and gloss
  • superb water beading properties
  • UV protection 
  • chemical resistance against environmental damage
  • 3-4 months durability
  • makes washing easy
  • prevents brake dust from etching