SONAX XTREME Cockpit + Plastics Cleaner & Conditioner Matte-Finish 300ml *SALE*


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Cleans and maintains all interior plastic car parts. Reliably prevents electrostatic charging and is, therefore, dust repellent. Renews and maintains the matt and grained cockpit surfaces of many car types (soft-feeling effect). Leaves a refreshing fragrance. Silicone and solvent-free. Dermatologically tested.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • easy to use. Simply spray on a clean microfibre cloth and wipe
  • gently clean and protect the plastic at the same time
  • restores plastic to factory matte look
  • non oily or shiny
  • provides anti-static to prevent dust buildup 
  • best for soft touch plastic dashboards
  • gives a nice pleasant fragrance