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RUPES LHR 75E 3" DA Polisher

RUPES LHR 75E 3" DA Polisher

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Every purchase of Rupes LHR75E Mini Dual Action Polisher from Official Rupes Singapore Online platforms comes with:

- 1x Rupes Yellow Fine Foam Polishing Pad DA100M (RRP $17.90)
- 1x Rupes Blue Coarse Wool Pad BW100H (RRP $20.90)
- 1x Sonax Profiline CutMax Cutting Compound 250ml (RRP $29.90)
- 1x Sonax Profiline EX 04-06 Finishing Polish 250ml (RRP $29.90)

It is often said that the devil is in the details. The LHR 75E is specifically designed for those difficult detailed shapes, edgework, and hard to access areas that can’t be addressed with a full-size polisher. Its compact size, low front end profile, and powerful correction ability make it the ideal tool for spot repairs, headlight restoration, motorcycles, and any number of specialized tasks. The Mini is a must for any detailer wishing to obtain perfect results, even in the most difficult to polish areas of a vehicle. 

Designed from the ground up to be a compact polishing solution the LHR 75E has the perfect balance of size and capability to compliment a larger polisher in full vehicle applications or handle the bulk of the work on things like motorcycles. The rubberized grips, short body, and low front end profile make it ideal to address compact spaces and complex curves, even with only one hand.

The 75mm (3″) backing plate equipped standard with the LHR 75RE Mini pairs up with RUPES 100mm pads and 12mm orbit to make short work of edgework defects. A, B, and C pillars, mirror caps, door handles, bumpers, spoilers and more are the perfect surfaces to take advantage of the powerful paint polishing combination of the Mini.

A number of the areas in which the LHR 75E Mini is commonly used are not conducive to two-handed operation due to either space constraints or reach. By using a locking on/off switch instead of a trigger the Mini can be activated and then easily operated with just one hand.

The attention to detail is not limited to the operational design of the LHR 75E Mini. The body of the tool includes strategically placed rubber accents, including a tool rest incorporated into the back of the tool to protect the tool from tipping or rolling over when placed on a cart, table, or other surfaces between uses.

ø Backing Pad mm-in 75 – 3″
ø Orbit mm-in 12 – 1/2″
Power Watt 400
R.P.M. 4000 – 5500
Weight kg-lbs 2.3 – 5.07
Speed Control
Progressive Trigger NO
Spindle Thread M6-F
Backing Pad Supplied 990.007
Electrical Cord m – ft 9 – 29.6

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