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Sonax Singapore

SONAX Bike Spray Wax 300ml

SONAX Bike Spray Wax 300ml

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Lastingly protects lacquered parts and/or metal parts and carbon on bikes against climatic influences. Produces a shining protective coating on the surfaces. Reduces the adhesion of dust and dirt. Also suitable for e-bikes and e-scooters.

Regardless you are a novice bikers or professional cyclist riding on a Polygon, Linus, Strida, Shimano, Brompton, etc. You want to make sure your precious bicycle remain perfectly new as possible. It is also applicable to e-bikers and e-scooters owners as well!

Maintain a good bike, you will be surprised what Sonax Bike Range, Made in Germany can do!


  • Protect metal and lacquered part.
  • Give shining protective coating.
  • Dust and dirt repellant.
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