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Sonax Plastic Scratch Remover 75ml

Sonax Plastic Scratch Remover 75ml

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Sonax Plastic Scratch Remover is a high-performance polish for removing scratches from smooth, glossy plastics and areas on convertible rear windows that have become dull. Also suitable for polishing machines. For all plastic, acrylic, and Plexiglas surfaces.

Special abrasives remove scratches and blind spots from plastic, rear windows of convertibles, boat and aircraft windows, mobile phone and clock displays, acrylic glass furniture etc.

Package includes:
1x Sonax Plastic Scratch Remover 75ml
*Accessories sold separately

Directions to use:
1. Apply sparingly to the dry and clean surface using a soft cloth, and rub in intensively for several minutes.
2. Remove residue with a SONAX Microfiber Cloth Exterior.

Do not use on printed, soft, or coated plastic surfaces. Protect against frost

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