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SONAX Profiline Glass Detailer Concentrate 5L

SONAX Profiline Glass Detailer Concentrate 5L

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Sonax Profiline Glass Detailer Concentrate 5L is a glass cleaner concentrate and lubricant for cleaning clay for professional users. Can be diluted up to 1:20 with tap water.

Product application:
Product 1:10 to 1:20 with soft water (max. Mix hardness 8.4 ° dH or 1.5 mmol/l CaCO3) and spray using Sonax spray boy (item no. 04997000) onto the surfaces to be cleaned or alternatively directly onto the Sonax microfibre cloth glass (item no. 04515410) and rub dry immediately. 

Application with Sonax clay (item no. 04501050):
Spray Glass Detailer Concentrate on the paint as a lubricant. Clay in careful back and forth movements over all noticeable dirt, spray glass detailer if necessary. With the flat hand, check whether all bumps are removed, if necessary, Repeat application. Wipe clean with clean cloth.

Please note:
Do not use in the sun. Do not use on hot surfaces. Protect from frost.

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