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Sonax Profiline Stain EX Solvent Cleaner 1L

Sonax Profiline Stain EX Solvent Cleaner 1L

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Sonax Profiline Stain EX Solvent Cleaner is a highly effective hydrocarbon-based cleaning agent. Effortlessly and quickly removes adhesive residues, spray adhesive, overspray from paintwork, graffiti, greasy and oily dirt, silicone, tar, bitumen and wax. Residue-free drying. Use only on non-sensitive surfaces such as glass, stone, metal, ceramics, wood, PVC, fabric and cured paint.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful universal solvent
  • Dries without residue

Package includes:
1x Sonax Profiline Stain EX Solvent Cleaner 1L
*Accessories sold separately

Directions to use:
1. To remove films and stickers, first heat them with a hair dryer and carefully remove them.
2. If necessary, carefully scrape off any adhesive residue with a plastic card or soft spatula, being careful not to damage the surface.
3. Apply cleaner with a brush or fill in a solvent-resistant sprayer and spray onto the surface to be cleaned. When spraying, wear a respirator conforming to EN140 with Type A filter or better.
4. After a short exposure time, wipe off with a soft cloth, repeat the application if necessary.

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not use on single coat paint finishes without a clear coat. Do not use on hot surfaces. Not suitable for use on acrylic glass and plexiglass (e.g. caravan and mobile home windows). Check material compatibility in an inconspicuous place before use.

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