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SONAX PROFILINE Waterspot Remover 1L

SONAX PROFILINE Waterspot Remover 1L

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SONAX PROFILINE Waterspot Remover 1L is a cleaner for the removal of dried in lime scale/water stains through dried on mineral salts on all exterior vehicle surfaces, also on laminated and matt paintwork. Simply spray on, allow to work in briefly and wipe off. Very gentle to all materials. Without hydrofluoric acid, without hydrochloric acid.

How To Apply: 
First wash and dry the vehicle. Depending on the degree of soiling, spray directly onto the water stains, allow to work in briefly and wipe off with a Microfibre Cloth ultra fine. For individual light water stains spray into the cloth and wipe over the paintwork with it.


  • Do not apply in direct sunlight or onto hot surfaces.
  • Do not allow to dry out.
  • Protect against extreme cold.

    Key Features and Benefits: 
    • Easy spray on application
    • Remove dried mineral salts on exterior surfaces
    • Works on laminated and matt paintwork
    • does not contain any acidic substance
    • high material compatability

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