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SONAX Trim/Plastic Protectant Glossy-Finish 300ml

SONAX Trim/Plastic Protectant Glossy-Finish 300ml

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SONAX Trim/Plastic Protectant Glossy-Finish is high quality care emulsion for plastics and rubber. Cleans, maintains and protects inside and out. Penetrates deeply into the surfaces, then works from within. Plastic and rubber components are cleaned and protected against all climatic effects. Antistatic effect, freshens up the colours and leaves a pleasant fragrance. Produces a glossy surface.

Key Features and Benefits: 

    • Cleans and maintains all plastic parts in the car
    • restores the plastic colour
    • Especially suitable for plastic surfaces
    • hides minor scruff marks and scratches
    • dust-repellent, anti-static formula
    • leaves a pleasant smell
    • suitable for most modern dashboards and plastics
    • suitable for exterior trims
    • UV protection

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