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SONAX Wash Pail with Grit Guard

SONAX Wash Pail with Grit Guard

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SONAX Wash Pail with Grit Guard insert helps you to wash your car in safer manner and helps to prevent swirl marks when washing.

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*3 Designs to choose from. 

How to use a Grit Guard

  1. Insert the grit guard to the bottom of your water bucket. If possible, we advise using two buckets with a grit guard insert in each, to optimize the results.
  2. Fill buckets with water.
  3. Rinse car off to remove large pieces of debris.
  4. Use the wash bucket to clean car with soapy water – dirt particles will sink to the bottom.
  5. You can rub the cleaning pads and mitts against the grit guard insert between washes to remove any excess dirt from the cleaning tool.
  6. Wash and repeat.
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