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SONAX XTREME Ceramic Spray Coating 750ml

SONAX XTREME Ceramic Spray Coating 750ml

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Make your life simpler by using Sonax latest edition of Sonax Xtreme Ceramic Spray Coating, a long-term sealing to your car paint with Si-Carbon-Technology. Besides offering the mirror-like finishing effect, it leaves behind the smooth and velvety soft surface with permanent roll-off effect. After application, you can be sure your treated surface of your car paint will be well protected from the unnecessary foreign dirt, road salt, insects, etc. 

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Long term sealing with Si-Carbon-Technology
  • Protects the paint for up to 4 months
  • The Si-Carbon-Technology provides a velvety soft surface
  • The paint shines in a durable and mirror-like shine without extensive polishing
  • Protects the treated surface from dirt, insects and road salt
  • Leaves a permanent roll-off effect
  • With easy-to-clean effect: vehicle washing is simplified
  • Use as a standalone coating or additional ceramic coating topper

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