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Sonax Xtreme Waterless Wash + Shine 750ml

Sonax Xtreme Waterless Wash + Shine 750ml

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SONAX Xtreme Waterless Wash + Shine 750ml is a highly effective formula that quickly and easily cleans lightly soiled surfaces without scratching them. At the same time, it visibly improves color depth and restores original shine. Leaves a smooth surface and a beading effect. No bucket or additional water is required for cleaning, making it ideal for locations without a washing area. Also suitable for wrapped surfaces.


Key Features and Benefits:
- Suitable for various surfaces, such as glass, paintwork, plastics, rubber and metal
- Highly lubricating to prevent scratching
- Adds smoothness and hydrophobic effect
- Helps restore colour and shine of surfaces
- Does not require water


Package includes:
1x Sonax Xtreme Waterless Wash + Shine 750ml
*Accessories sold separately


Directions for use:
1. No washing bucket or hose/high pressure required
2. Shake before use and open the spray nozzle by turning
3. Spray the product onto a microfiber cloth, e.g. SONAX microfiber cloth outside and then distribute it evenly on contiguous surfaces
4.Wipe off any residue with a dry microfiber cloth. No rinsing necessary!


Do not use on hot surfaces, do not allow to dry.
The high-quality natural ingredients can separate within the bottle. This does not represent a quality defect. Protect from frost.

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